How Outplacement Helps Employers to Retain Their Star Performers

While star performers should not be at risk of redundancy, the spectre of potential job losses can affect the perception of their job security in unexpected ways.

Every employee gets jittery when force majeure circumstances begin to rock their workplace. A trickle of talent leaving prematurely can be expected, but if companies do not also put the retention of existing talent at the heart of their redundancy process it risks becoming a torrent. Insecurity trumps reason. No one wants to be next.

Fear (however irrational) should not be a reason to lose a star performer.

The prospect of premium outplacement provision can stem this flow.

Staying for a potential redundancy package will incentivise most employees, but star employees need more than money when they eventually approach their next career transition. When (and if) the time does come for them to be made redundant, they need access to the very best outplacement advice.

Leaving early on their own terms means that they will not only forgo the financial parachute, they may also miss out on advice and support from trusted outplacement professionals who have a vested interest in doing their best for their clients.

Without this support, they will send their CV to a couple of hungry recruiters and likely have 5-6 interview offers within a week. The savvy amongst them may work with a career coach, but even then, there is no guarantee of a quality service. A career transition is a chance to pause, reassess and move forward in a new direction. It is a chance to change their fate.

The prospect of working with an outplacement provider who has assisted countless former colleagues is something that will help star performers to keep working productively, without any fear of what will likely never come.

They will sense deep down that their job is secure, but the thought of industry -leading support with any future career transition should assuage any nagging worries. 

It is natural to fear the worst when they see colleagues leaving the office with boxes, but they will feel better when they understand that they have not been abandoned. They know that if the worst comes to the worst, they will have all the tools to make the best choices.

Great outplacement provision is career insurance. Top performers may not require it soon, but they can sleep easier in the knowledge that it is there for them, allowing them to concentrate on continuing to do a fantastic job for their employer.