Where Does Outplacement Fit With Your EVP?

Your Employee Value Proposition (EVP) is why your people come to work.

While the combination of compensation, benefits, development opportunities, work environment and employer culture can combine to create workplace bliss, there is another element of the EVP that should not be underestimated:

Outplacement support at the end of an employment journey.

Most employers will choose not to market outplacement as part of their employee engagement strategy, as staff turnover could be viewed as an indicator of a weak EVP, but the reality is that people leave employers for a variety of reasons. Helping them to make the very best choices about their next career move is the only responsible thing to do.

These people have given their all for however many years, so the EVP promise should continue right up to the moment when they secure their next role. Employees may not decide to work for an employer because they offer marketing-leading outplacement provision, but you can be sure that they will be glad of it when the time comes.

Outplacement touches every aspect of what matters to an employee:

Compensation. Receiving the best possible compensation for their skills is a top priority for any job seeker. Outplacement assistance helps them to understand their worth and pitch their value to secure an optimal remuneration package.

Benefits. In terms of negotiating workplace benefits, if you don’t ask you don’t get. Every benefit carries a cost to an employer. Outplacement providers can outline what is possible and advise on how to approach topics such as flexible working or parental leave. 

Career development. The gap in-between jobs provides the opportunity for a quantum leap in career development. No corporate course or seminar can match the impact of life-changing career advice from an outplacement professional. Time to shape the future.

Work environment. It is tricky for a job seeker to step back and realise what it is about their workplace that they enjoy. Talking to an advisor who understands the specifics of their employer can help them to zero in on what helps them to thrive.

Culture. One of the main roles of an outplacement provider is to advise job seekers in terms of culture fit. It is their role to get under the skin of each employer to understand why people succeed there – great outplacement facilitates the perfect match.

Caring for the whole employee includes looking after them at the end of their tenure.

Outplacement provision is an integral part of a full-spectrum EVP.