Why Did I Create the OutplacementWords Library?

Having ghostwritten recruitment and HR content for clients since 2011, I have found myself in a constant battle for organic (and paid) reach. 

I wanted my words to reach as many job seekers as possible.

Proficiency at playing the social media game helped (particularly on LinkedIn where my personal blogs attracted 40,000 followers between 2013 and 2017) but the social algorithms were ruthless gatekeepers. They “saw” that my content was useful, but only allowed it to reach a fraction of the potential audience.

I yearned to create a method of reaching every job seeker at that scary moment of truth:

“What is my next career move?”

The only solution is to partner with employers to share my content with their departing employees. Whatever their reason for leaving, this “outplacement” resource is available to everyone at the very moment that they need it.

You read it correctly….

Outplacement for everyone.

The OutplacementWords Library allows employers to choose the content that they wish to share and amend it as they see fit. They can brand the content according to their marketing whims, or even record podcasts or videos with the writing at the heart. If they have a global employee base, they have permission to translate the job search inspiration.

And they can do this for every single departing employee.

The share 300 blogs with their departing employees (180,000 words of job search content) – unlimited licence – £6,000

300 bespoke blogs at my standard ghostwriting fee would cost £60,000. That is a 90% discount.

Affordable outplacement content means outplacement for everyone.

That is why I will expand the OutplacementWords Library over the coming years.


Visit www.pauldrury.co.uk for full details on the OutplacementWords Library.