8 Ways in Which Outplacement Enhances Your Employer Brand

Hiring and retaining the best talent depends on the perception of the employer’s brand.

Those that are looking to join wonder how they will be treated, and current employees wonder if there are better employers out there.

There are many differing aspects of a leading employer brand.

Here are eight reasons why outplacement ranks right up there:

Protects your reputation. While people might leave with a resigned smile and a grateful attitude, you never quite know what resentment simmers beneath. Employers need to do everything that they can to help them make their next career move.

Reduces employee stress. The elements of emotional support that come with the outplacement process have a significant impact on employee wellbeing – both for the departing employee and those around them (they will still talk to people after they leave).

Speeds up the search. We all come across people on social media who seem to have been looking for a role for ages. This does not reflect well on their previous employer. Didn’t they develop much there? Why aren’t their employees more in demand?

Improves survivor motivation. When you have survived a cull, you can’t help but feel bad for those who are leaving. Motivation and loyalty levels can drop, and productivity takes a hit. Quality outplacement support ensures that remaining employees feel less guilty.

Expertise with a vested interest. If outplacement professionals want to work with their clients for a long time, they need to give top-quality advice. This is different to a one-off career coach or CV writer. Outplacement offers cutting-edge career change insights.

Mitigates risk of legal proceedings. If an employer tries to do all in their power to assist an employee in their next move, they may reduce the chances of litigation issues. Accepting outplacement support shows a willingness to engage with the redundancy process.

Maintain productivity and minimise disruption. Uncertainty and fear can affect the performance of the employee and the wider team. Outplacement offers hope for a positive conclusion – morale remains high and performance doesn’t unduly suffer.

Cements your value to the employee. You didn’t invest huge amounts of time an effort into an employee only to see them move on to a role in which their talents are not fully utilised. Outplacement support ensures that their next role will be suitably challenging.