Could Employers Take More Ownership of Outplacement?

The employee experience does not end when they resign or are made redundant. 

It changes. Employers stop investing in them.

An employer that has nurtured their career for so many years becomes cold and distant. Why should they care? For whatever reason the employee won’t be part of their story anymore. The exit door is beckoning and they “mean nothing to them.”

At that moment employers seek to abdicate all responsibility.

If the person is senior enough, employers may choose to pay an external provider to offer outplacement assistance, but this is far from the case for everyone. Traditionally this has been seen as the “done thing” but far from everyone in the outplacement industry has moved with the job search times. Social media savvy job search experts can now make a better living running their own career coaching business or writing executive resumes.

Employers are happy to pay outplacement providers ridiculous amounts of guilt-trip money for a service that they often have little control over. Some outplacement providers use so many external contractors that they don’t even fully control the output themselves (worrying, but true).

Employers give their departing employees the necessary contact details and consider their duty of employee care complete:

“Over to you, outplacement provider. This person isn’t my concern anymore.” 

(At least that is what the employee imagines them thinking).

Hey, employers, you need to take more ownership.

You do still care deep down, and you can do more to help. Just as you have likely taken recruitment in house (to some extent), outplacement is ripe for the same move. Outplacement is part of your EVP, like it or not. Be honest, could you improve the experience for your leavers?

There are aspects of outplacement that benefit from the economies of scale of an external provider, but in certain situations a more personal approach can indeed be taken.

Imagine reading through 250,000 words of exclusive job search content (500 blogs) and deciding which blogs you feel would be most useful for your people to advise them on taking their next step. You can amend these blogs as you see fit, brand them in your own way, and translate them for a global workforce. You might even create your own outplacement podcast series. The content is all there – you get to choose what works best.

Tailored career advice is only one part of the outplacement process, but it allows you to start to take control that little bit more. Departing employees would know that the content has been hand-picked and they may not feel quite so abandoned.

Most importantly, such an approach means outplacement assistance for all.

That is what the OutplacementWords Library is all about.

Choose your own outplacement content.