The “Slow” Benefits of Reading Job Search Content

When you are wrestling with a certain problem, sit down in a comfy chair and read about it. 

Pick the first few articles that come up on a Google search or dip into a relevant book.

Be present in that moment and read slowly.

Clarity will come in those moments between the words. 

Our minds are not designed to find the quickest route to the best course of action. Thoughts will twist and turn before they settle on what is best. Encouraging our brains to think around the topic (rather than about the topic) will give them the space that they need to piece together the puzzle. You connect new thoughts to what is already in your mind. Before you know it, solutions will appear.

When you are contemplating the big decisions of life, the act of slow reading is central to letting your mind tick over in the background and figure things out. Subvocalize every word (as if you are reading them aloud) and lose yourself in the white space between the sentences. That space is yours and yours only.

When you read something that hits home, you have the chance to stare out of the window and let it sink in before you continue. In that moment of silence, it is processed by your subconscious, storing up the thought to influence you at a later date. 

How often to you pause a video or podcast to think in such a way? Not often, I would suggest. While these media will stimulate your brain in different ways, there is nothing more conducive to effective thinking than reading.

A day spent slow reading and even slower thinking will be far more useful for a candidate during a job search than filling their brain with (often vacuous) videos and podcasts. Reading allows their mind to wander to where it needs to be. Visual media takes them on a forced journey that may not lead to optimal conclusions for their career.

Written job search content provides mental sustenance for the journey

Words on the page offer a window onto thoughts that candidates had not previously been able to construct. The act of slow reading brings on a kind of meditative state in which their mind can wander, and their new role starts to materialize in front of their eyes.

If candidates read a lot during their job search, at some point everything will become clear.

That is the “why” of the OutplacementWords Library.